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7 Things You Wish Your Husband Knew About You

on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 00:39

There might be several things about you and your personality that your husband may still not have a clue about even after years of marriage.  Here are a few things you might not want to say directly to your husband but deep in your heart, you wish he knew.


You Can Be Just As Strong

One of the things you may wish your husband knew about you is that you're just as strong as he is. Letting him know you are a strong person assures him that he can come to you and use you as a shoulder to lean on when he's feeling down. If he knows that he isn’t the only one who can be tough, he will know that he doesn’t have to take the brunt of bad situations all alone.


You Don't Pursue Advancing In Your Career

Another one of the top things you may wish your husband knew about you is that you're apprehensive about advancing in your career because you don't know how he'll react. You wish he knew you're hesitant to talk to him about this sensitive subject because you don’t want to hurt his ego. You might secretly wish your husband would tell you it's okay to pursue a promotion even if it's higher on the career ladder than his current position.  Many women wish their husbands knew they would like to advance in their careers. They wish their husbands would be the ones to encourage them to pursue this advancement.


You Get Jealous Just Like He Does

Being jealous isn't just a male trait, women can be just as jealous as men. You secretly wish your husband knew that you get jealous when he's smiling and talking to other attractive women. You can get a little insecure, too. Jealousy is just part of human nature and when he flirts with other women, it can affect you.


You Are Afraid Of Infidelity

One of the most important things you wish your husband knew is that you're afraid he may stray from your marriage. This is an issue that many couples in marriages refrain from discussing openly with each other although many women are concerned that their husbands will cheat.


You Feel Great When Someone Gives Him A Compliment

Even though you don't say it, you feel really good when someone gives your husband a compliment.  And you may not say it because you don't want to boost his ego too much but (of course) it makes you happy. You wish he knew how happy you feel when someone gives him a sincere compliment.


You Want Him To Spend More Time With You

Many wives wish their husbands knew they wanted them to spend more quality time together but they don't say it to them. You may want your husband to put more effort into finding time to spend with you despite your busy schedules.