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Going On A Blind Date? Tips To Make It A Success!

on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 00:44

Has someone recently set you up on a blind date?


Going on a blind date can be nerve-wracking. Many people get nervous or anxious before they meet their date. They worry about how the date will turn out while others are very excited and optimistic. If you're the type of person who is nervous or apprehensive about your upcoming blind date, read on for helpful tips to have a successful blind one.


Plan It Right

The best tip for a blind date is to plan a great date together. Plan everything as carefully as possible so the date goes as smoothly as possible but be ready for the unexpected because blind dates can be full of surprises. You are going out with a person you've never seen or met so there are many things that are unknown. You should go on your date with the idea that you'll have a great time with this person. Be as prepared as possible for the event you have planned but also prepared for the unexpected. Be confident. You can handle any situation so have fun!


Make A Great First Impression

Another important thing to remember when going on your blind date is to make a great first impression. The first impression on your date can speak volumes. So be sure to dress to impress and remember your first date etiquette.


Have Respect

It's very important to be respectful when going on a date especially with someone you have never met.  And even if the date doesn't immediately live up to your expectations, show them respect and finish the date on a positive note. Never leave half way through the date or treat your date with disrespect. And if you did not enjoy your date, simply let them know politely that you're not interested in seeing them again.


Have Great Conversations

You must watch what you say on your dates, especially a blind date with someone you really don't know yet. What you say can give your date insight into who you are. That can be good when it's about the right topic. But watch what you say and don't give too many personal details. Talk about your hobbies and the activities you enjoy but avoid getting into the very personal details about your life right away.  This can prevent you from discussing issues that could be uncomfortable or inappropriate in a new situation.