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Testimonial Connie

“I joined The Relationship Company several years ago. It was my first entry into the matching/dating arena; I chose carefully because I wanted some entity to check backgrounds of me I might meet. The initial lengthy interview was with either the Company owner or another skilledful interviewer. As an attorny, I was impressed by the comprehensiveness of said person. Various options or packages of number of introductions of possible matches were described. Then two years ago I met Larry and finally met a lasting match (nearly two years together in a relationship that would never have happened but for The Relationship Company.) This fall I re-entered the searching list. I met Donna by phone and knew from our first conversation that the former staff were gone and a new, interested and helpful person was replacing all of the bored "matchers". We spoke several times as we spoke, asked, answered, and developed an image or who I was looking for. l was delighted by her insight as she matched me perfectly with a man who would make a wonderful activity partner and was only one year older than I am. We met and truly he is all that she suggested he would be. Sadly our individual emotional responses were very different. I had to realize that in an activity partnership both parties must have the identical emotional responses for it to work. I would completely recommend him to some marvelous woman (which he surely deserves.) I am retuming to the "looking group‘ and crossing my fingers that Donna will again have time to help me (because of her excellent skills in understanding people and introducing them as potential successful matches..)”