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Testimonial Peter M.

“I met with Elissa G. in Trumbull, CT. Her perceptiveness about the type of person she is intervieing and her judgmerit in making a match makes her service worth every penny. Measurements and matrix evaluations on the internet cannot match her mastery in relationships. She can see who a person is and understands what has been missing in past relationships and what is needed from a future relationship. She uses her perception to partner people who can fulfill each other. Nothing matches someone who looks you in the eye and says "I know someone who is right for you!" She called me with a match, explained all the little things that made this introductions truly special and told me "this is someone you must meet!“ We met and I found everything Elissa had told me was true. She introduced me to a wonderful woman who is so right for me in so many ways. She is absolutely wonderful and we are incredibly happy! Iam very grateful to Elissa G's Relationship Co.”

–Peter M., Trumbull, CT