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Testimonial Steve

“I think back with delight and cosmic reverence to when I met with the matcher at Elissa G's Relationship Co. She kept asking me more and more about myself: what I thought, how I felt. We'd been talking for quite a while when she interrupted herself to mention that she was thinking of somebody specific for me... but she couldn't remember her name at that moment, Hmm, she said.. she's an artist! She said that she thought she might be very appropriate for me but what was her name?! Her name is Kathleen. And their matcher was totally correct. Absolutely correct. Amazingly correct. Home run! We're completely in love, deeply in love and we have The Relationship Co in particular to thank for it! Their matcher's insight, understanding, personal interest, sincere energy, hunch or whatever you call it, is responsible for the best thing that ever happened to me. Kath and I are ridiculously happy together. Their matcher was the major catalyst in creating the most magnificient part of my life.”