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“Customer Service follow up is always quick. Customer Service is top notch - The types of people are from different background , different types of people so we can determine where we are compatible. Background checks for me was pivotal to make me feel comfortable & willing to meet these individuals. That was one of the reasons I chose to join The Relationship Company. Also having someone do the searching for me as a professional in today's society makes it easier to date. I am always very satisfied with the service provided by them. The Relationship Co. returns my calls in a prompt and efficient manner and having the extended hours I am always able to speak with someone after my work day is over. They are thorough and I am comfortable knowing that everyone goes through a similar process & I feel it allows the staff of The Relationship Company to get to know you better and find a potential compatible match”

–Stamford, CT

“Customer service has been great, personable,& reality based. Types of being match were nice people and very gentlemanly. I liked the fact that people had background checks - I felt more secure that web site dating services. I also like the fact that they do not use computers or videos. Like also knowing it is done by a person. The calls are always returned promptly. Staff is always warm, personable and respectful. They are also always very professional. They are also very understanding of my needs. I very much enjoyed the interviewing process. Elissa is a very lovely warm woman.”

–S.H., Lenox, MA

“My experience With The Relationship Company has been excellent. They really took the time to talk with me to see What I am all about and what qualities I am looking for in friends. They are a polite, professional and thorough organizatlon that is worklng very hard to provide me excellent customer service. I am very satisfied wlth my decision to work with them in my next chapter of life.”


“I felt they provided very good customer service. My first match was very good and I ended up marrying him and we are very happy. So it does work. I really felt very comfortable knowing that every person has a background check - that was probably the biggest thing that made me decide to join The Relationship Company as I felt the people I was going to meet I would be a lot safer. Customer Service was an excellent experience. There was always someone available to talk with me if I felt that I needed that. I felt that everyone who worked for The Relationship Company understood my needs. I felt that everyone that I dealt with was very professional”

–Chicopee, MA

“I joined The Relationship Company several years ago. It was my first entry into the matching/dating arena; I chose carefully because I wanted some entity to check backgrounds of me I might meet. The initial lengthy interview was with either the Company owner or another skilledful interviewer. As an attorny, I was impressed by the comprehensiveness of said person. Various options or packages of number of introductions of possible matches were described. Then two years ago I met Larry and finally met a lasting match (nearly two years together in a relationship that would never have happened but for The Relationship Company.) This fall I re-entered the searching list. I met Donna by phone and knew from our first conversation that the former staff were gone and a new, interested and helpful person was replacing all of the bored "matchers". We spoke several times as we spoke, asked, answered, and developed an image or who I was looking for. l was delighted by her insight as she matched me perfectly with a man who would make a wonderful activity partner and was only one year older than I am. We met and truly he is all that she suggested he would be. Sadly our individual emotional responses were very different. I had to realize that in an activity partnership both parties must have the identical emotional responses for it to work. I would completely recommend him to some marvelous woman (which he surely deserves.) I am retuming to the "looking group‘ and crossing my fingers that Donna will again have time to help me (because of her excellent skills in understanding people and introducing them as potential successful matches..)”


“I like The Relationship Company because of the personalized service, no computers, no videos. I also like the fact that background checks are done especially in this day and age and especially for the women safety. They take a personal interest in looking for the right person for you and I appreciate that personal touch. I like the fact that you can call the office and there is always someone to listen to you and they really care about your feelings and what you are going through. On other websites all you see are bios and pictures but no one has interviewed them so you don't really know the phonies but with The Relationship Company they have taken the time to sit with other people that they are matching you with so they can get a good sense of who would be a good match. My experience with The Relationship Company has been a good one.”

–C. S.

“It has been over a year since I received your call suggesting I meet Dianne. Wow, you were right...she is now Mrs. Ford!”

“I live in a remote area and I wanted to find the right person within a 30-mile radius, if possible. You performed three targeted searches and inten/iewed all the women who responded. You did a great job...I married one of them!”

“I love the fact that everyone is personally interviewed and that background checks are included. You can never be too careful!”

“Your personalized intenliew process caused me to think a lot about just what I am seeking in a relationship. The whole process has allowed me to focus on what I think is really important as I meet my matches. It ‘s been enlightening.”

“I don't think I would ever have met the women I have through The Relationship Co. Not being one to go to bars or do the singles scene, it was a challenge, but your service changed all of that. I am having a great time meeting compatible people. Keep up the good work!”

“I feel like I have known Amanda for years. She is so professional and understands the kind of matches I am looking for. I have put my membership on hold as I have met a great man. Your service is so personalized...thank goodness, no computer matching here!”

“I am a very successful businessman generating over $850,000 per year. It has been difficult for me to meet other financially secure women who are interested in who I am rather than what I have. I am now meeting women who are equally accomplished.”

“I was so pleased that your service offers the opportunity to meet people throughout New England. Having been transferred from southern Connecticut to Providence, Rhode Island, it is great to be matched with singles in my new hometown. Thanks again!”

“I have used Elissa G's relationship company service after working with a really lousy company before that ran away with my money. On the contrary, I found Elissa G's company to be professional, and effective. I am in love with my first match and we are planning marriage! There was no other company I worked with where I could meet directly With the owner and who would share transparently about cost and how long it takes to find a match. I found the staff honest and responsive. I recieved calls back within a day or sooner. It sounds like some people may be commenting on another company because I can't imagine that people would have such a different experience. I would recommend this to anyone of my friends.”


“There is a great deal of misinformation in regards to The Relationship Co as there are 2 different comapnies with the same name that have no connection to one another. Alot of the negative feedback is geared toward the company with multiple locations throughout the U.S. The New England based company, with it's main office in West Springfield, is a reputable firm with many satisfied clients and excellent testimonials.”


“I have had a very positive experience with The Relationship Company. My relationship counselor has been so kind and caring and very available to listen to me about my dating experiences and what I am looking for. I am meeting some very nice people. My relationship counselor is always available to talk and always looking for the right person for me.”


“Relationship Company was definitely worthwhile as that is how I met my husband. You know you are going to meet a lot of interesting people. She met a lot of friends. I like the fact that someone is matching you as when you are looking for a match you tend to gravitate towards the same kind of people. I also liked the hands on service and was very happy about the feedback forms.”


–Lisa G., Rocky Hill, CT

“Just a note to relay my experience with the Relationship Co. I met a nice lady on the second try and have been dating her ever since, about 7 years now. The thing we both agree is so special about the Relationship Co is the interview process and especially the back ground checks. At least you know going into any meetings there are no real dark secrets that are going to jump out of the closet on you later. From what I gather from people I know using other dating services, this is very important. l have heard some real horror stories from my friends.”

–Bob G.

"Meeting people is not easy for me, as I'm not the flirty type. Further, the idea of actively searching via the internet or bar scene is not even a consideration for me. The Relationship Company was the answer to my prayers. They are informative, safe, no pressure and sincerely want to help you find your true match. Thank you, The Relationship Co. you're the best!"


"The day I signed with The Relationship Co. I felt relieved because I knew I was leaving it to the professionals to find someone for me. Finding the right person took several tries and more than one conversation with "the one". My personal matcher encouraged me to be patient, genuine and authentic through the process. I am now raising a family - something that would not have occurred had it not been for the special efforts of the staff at The Relationship Co."


"I am very pleased with the service I have received from The Relationship Co. The staff is very courteous and strives for customer satisfaction. I have been introduced to many lovely ladies that I would not have had the opportunity to meet were it not for The Relationship Co."


"When I joined The Relationship Co, I felt like I was walking through the door looking for a raw diamond. I found a lot of beautiful stones and then I found the gem of my life."


"Excellent customer service, very personalized. The references I received were definitely people that I could immediately have something in common with. There has been an awful lot in common with the women I met that was based on background information and research from the company. One lady has been really special. The relationship deepened as time moved on which is what we were told to expect. We have been seeing each other exclusively for three years."


“It’s been over a year since I received the call from The Relationship Co., suggesting that I meet Dianne. Wow, were they right. She is now Mrs. Ford!”